Sunday, July 17, 2016

Awoke early..........

Awoke very early...
Made my decaf...
Went outside, with it...
Walked around, a little bit...
Took some pictures...
Love photos of rain drops.....
...on flowers and leaves....


Dewena said...

All we can do is try. Wish I could remember exactly that quote by Elizabeth Goudge about women, home-makers, combating the evil of the world brick by brick, building the home. It stayed with me for years and now my memory doesn't have it anymore. But the intent has stayed with me.

I love raindrops, or dewdrops, on plants too.

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, I just loved your pics today, Tessa. Flowers are even more pretty with a few drops of rain on them. That first picture is soooooo lovely. It's nice just walking outside into our yards enjoying a cup of coffee. We find the most interesting things if we look closely. ;)


Peggy said...

That first time in the's so refreshing. Your pictures of the drops on the flowers is so beautiful. We have to keep the beauty and not let the evil in the world change us. If we give in, they win.

tammy j said...

instead of being a 'pretty post'
I think of the beauty you bring to this world. like the pictures and thoughts above.
and your wonderful world of faeries.
and it calms my soul.
like peggy says... they want to make us withdraw and give in to their dark ways.
and that means all people who hurt and terrorize. not just the 'terrorists.'
so I think your pretty posts are very very important.
maybe more important than you even know.
I have a new email account.
lost everything. my new address is