Saturday, July 23, 2016

A "Mad Tea Party"...!!!!!!!

Since I am again trying to accumulate more Gold Stars(See here...)  Which means I have to avoid news-news-news-news-news.  And (yesterday) it was broiling hot outside.  Can't even have windows/doors open.  Let alone stick my head out the door. 

So I was hopping around Blog Land.  Going from one blog to another and on and on...  I came across a lovely blog, which I had forgotten about.   One with lovely photos and it's just very, very pretty all-round.  A magical place!   And you know I love, love, love magical.

I found her again, because she is having another "Mad Tea Party" and her button (above) for this,  was on another blog's sidebar.  And it is today!  I will certainly want to be attending!!!! 

We don't have to participate, to attend you know.  I'm just not that "magically-able" to think up such pretty things, for such a post.  But I'm sure that others, will do their blog entries up, in a lovely and enchanting way.

Hope to see you there!!!!


bj said...

Good morning,dear heart...I try to attend this magical party every year...the most fun yearly party of all....I am attending with past and present sure to stop in...I just might introduce you to MY MAN, Mr. Johnny Depp....
Love to you this hot morning...xoxo

LoveT. said...

Wonderful! i love a magic Tea Party :)

I´am happy that i can now Comment again!
lots of Hugs

Audra Marie said...

I love this picture...makes me want to step in and wander about. :)

Red Rose Alley said...

Oh, A Mad Tea Party, I'm off to check it out! I absolutely LOVE that magical picture on your Header, Tessa. It is so cool.


tammy j said...

well i'd say you do well in the magical department!
enough for me anyway.
and I always love checking out your new finds and re finding old ones!
so i'll go there.
triple digits here too.
so i'm a little turtle in my safe harbor!
only ventured out today to have lunch at toby keith's with the marine.

Things and Thoughts said...

Scorching heat here too!We will be off to the mountains for a while...Can't suffer it anymore. Tea party! That seems so interesting!